West River Endoscopy

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Helpful Hints

  • Use the “good” toilet paper or baby wipes during the prep. To help protect your skin during the preparation you can use A&D ointment, Desitin, Balmex or Vaseline. Use it every trip after the bathroom to help prevent your skin from becoming sore.
  • Stay well hydrated. You can lose a lot of fluids during the prep. Drink at least as much as the directions instruct you to do.
  • The end result of the cleansing needs to be liquid. Most often it is yellow in color and not crystal clear. There may be small flecks of sediment.
  • If you normally drink coffee, it is OK to have a cup during your prep.
  • If you get a headache, it is OK to take something during the prep.
  • Try sucking on a lemon or lime wedge after each drink of bowel prep
  • Chill the bowel prep in the refrigerator
  • Drinking the prep through a straw may blunt the taste
  • It may take a while before the first dose of the prep starts to work. You may have urgency so stay near a bathroom. This is not the time to go out shopping!
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to the procedure.

Make sure you have someone to drive you home from the colonoscopy. You will not be able to drive for 24 hours. You cannot take public transportation (no bus, taxi, Uber, etc.) unless a responsible adult is with you and accompanies you.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call to reschedule as soon as possible. We request that you call at least 3 business days before your procedure is scheduled, so that we can offer that time to another patient. We reserve the right to charge a penalty fee for patients who “no show” or cancel without adequate notice.